No Commitment by Mayor Miller


Last night supporters showed up to address the Trinidad City Council during the "Items From the Floor" portion of the agenda.  While many towns people were out in force, none of the residents had anything to say about their Galindo Street Trail. 

Supporters of the trail closure spoke directly to council and demanded their attention and action in protecting Yurok graves.  While one woman from Mckinleyville asked Council to think about how they would feel if this trail was over their own grandmother or great-grandmother's graves, another supporter implored them to adhere to their moral and legal obligations to protect the graves. 

Mayor Miller seemed to listen without much comment.  At one point, Axel Lindgren III made his way to the podium and asked Mr. Miller to recall what he had said in a recent Lost Coast Outpost article on an act of vandalism that occurred within the City's cemetery.  Mr. Miller had stated in that article that whoever had damaged the graves were "Thoughtless bores, and idiots", however, he denied having said anything in any article, and stated he didn't follow the news. 

While it isn't within the normal meeting procedure for Council to address speakers during this portion of the meeting, Mayor Miller frequently broke that protocol, and at one point even apologized to one citizen for having offended her during a previous email conversation.  The Mayor had no such apologies for keeping the trail open, or how it made the members of the Tsurai village feel. 

Mayor Miller said he thought the Galindo Street Trail issue may come up on the agenda at the next meeting, but did not make any formal notation or motion to add this as an item for the next meeting. 

We are now asking the public for your continued help and support in not letting the Mayor and City Council avoid fulfilling their previous agreement to close the trail.  A re-route exists, an agreement was made, and the City must complete this final step of trail closure. 

Mayor Miller made reference to all the emails he has been receiving from all of you who have written. It made an impact on him.  You are making a difference!  Please continue to write and demand the trail be closed! 

Please send emails to Mayor Miller at:
and cc Sarah Lindgren-Akana at:

For a general email template, you may consider this:

I, ________, support the Tsurai Ancestral Society's efforts to close Galindo Street Trail in order to protect the Yurok graves located beneath the path. I demand you close the trail immediately.