Please join the #CloseGalindo Facebook Event

Thank you to all of those who are supporting the Tsurai’s efforts to protect our graves.  We appreciate each signature, and word of encouragement that we receive. We read all your comments and have been touched by the outpouring of support our community has given us.  Thank you. 

Next steps:   We have created a public Facebook Event entitled #CloseGalindo.   Please join the Facebook Event to get up to date info on the City Council meeting. 

This petition will be given to Trinidad City Council during their next regular meeting on November 8. This is at Trinidad Town Hall, in the City of Trinidad, CA. 

If you cannot attend, but would still like your voice heard, please contact me via email at and I would be happy to read your letter/comments into the record. 

There is also a story written in the Times Standard about this petition. 

Again, thank you from the buttom of our hearts and please help us keep up the fight by sharing this petition, and attending the next regular City Council meeting!