Please join us in addressing Trinidad City Council


We are getting ready for the next step in our effort to permanently close Galindo Street Trail, and prevent any further disrespect to the graves located beneath. 

Please join us in addressing Trinidad City Council at their next regularly schedule meeting tomorrow, November 8th at 6pm in Trinidad Town Hall, Trinidad California. 

We will be addressing Council directly at the “items from the floor” portion of the agenda. 

We ask supporters to also address council and demand Galindo Street Trail be closed. 

If you cannot attend tomorrow’s Council meeting, but would still like to address Council, please email Mayor Dwight Miller directly at:
You can cc the Tsurai by cc’ing Sarah Lindgren-Akana at:

Emails to Council do not have to be long. They are very familiar with the issue. 

Your email can simply state:

I,________, support the Tsurai Ancestral Society’s efforts to close Galindo Street Trail in order to protect the Yurok graves located under the path. I demand you close the trail immediately. 



Thank you for your continued support and we hope you will join us in our next steps!