We Urgently Need Your Help!

The Trinidad Civic Club has been campaigning to save the Memorial Lighthouse currently in need of removal from its current location.  The Tsurai appealed illegal work performed by the Civic Club in 2012 that removed a retaining wall below the current bluff failure.  In 2012 we began asking for a geological review of the work done by the Civic Club, and its cumulative impact to the bluff.

Why is this issue important to us?  Because the Civic Club built their replica lighthouse inside our village.  Our cemetery is still located nearby.  Please take a moment to think about this fact.  The Civic Club built a memorial on top of a Yurok cemetery.  They sold spaces on the retaining wall they built, so people could put their names up when they are buried at sea.  They promote gatherings to pay homage to those whose names are located on the wall, while standing feet away from Indian graves. 

In 1992, the Civic Club demanded the City Council block the traditional trail with a fence. They called for the city to stop my family, (the Indians) from accessing the village cemetery through their memorial lighthouse property.  Mr Rotwein and Mr Odom along with the rest of council voted unanimously to resurrect a fence.  Mr Odom even volunteered to do work himself. 

Along with the fence, they posted signs with a $50 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the person or persons who had been keeping the traditional trail open. 

You know that trail as the Axel Lindgren Memorial Trail. 

Currently, the Civic Club filed a contrived emergency permit to allow them to move the lighthouse over to sit directly on the traditional trail.  They will leave the replica lighthouse their until that part begins to fail also.  Then they will look for alternative locations. 

The Tsurai have been vocal since the spring on 2017 that the Civic Club should follow the geologist’s advise to move the heavy lighthouse to an area off the bluff completely. 

We lost that argument Friday, despite opposition raised by ourselves, attorney Ralph Faust and the California Coastal Conservancy. 

If they move this lighthouse to the area outlined in the permit, we will forever lose a significant cultural resource and ceremonial trail.  We will never get that back. 

Please help us in voicing the truth about this project and demanding the California Coastal Conservancy enforce their easement to protect cultural resources located within the Tsurai Study Area and Civic Club property! 

Please write to California Coastal Conservancy Executive Director Sam Schuthat at
sam.schuchat@scc.ca.gov .  Should you desire, a sample letter is attached for your use. 


Sarah Lindgren-Akana