Tsurai Ancestral Society
Tsurai Ancestral Society
Preserve, Protect, Maintain the Tsuari Village and Culture

Our Mission

Preserve, Protect, Maintain


Our purpose is to protect and maintain the identity and culture of the Tsurai people.  We work to preserve, protect and maintain the burial grounds, the Trinidad Head, the Little Head, Luffenholz Beach and other historical, pre-historical, and archaeological resources pertinent to the ancestral lands of the Tsurai Village.  We also strive to preserve public access while maintaining cultural and environmental resources for future generations to enjoy.




The Tsurai Ancestral Society needs your help!

Make Your voice heard

There are actions you can take today, from the comfort of your own home, that will directly impact the preservation attempts of the Tsurai Ancestral Society.  It’s easy!  Just click the "Get Involved" button below to learn more about the issues, and how you can make a difference.


Make a Donation

All work done at the Tsurai Ancestral Society is on a volunteer basis.  Donations go toward our efforts to preserve and maintain our cultural landscape for all to enjoy.   

Donations are accepted via check or money order payable to the Tsurai Ancestral Society and  mailed to P.O. Box 62  Trinidad, CA  95570.  For our Tax ID number, email the TSA Secretary:  Sarah Lindgren-Akana. 


About TAS 

The Tsurai Ancestral Society is a committed steward of the village.  We participate in local, state, and federal government processes when advocating for protection and management of the Study Area, and other traditionally significant sites in and around the Trinidad Area.  It is important to us to maintain public access while promoting protection and preservation for future generations to enjoy.