About TAS:  

The Tsurai Ancestral Society (TAS) is a committed steward of the village.  We participate in local, state, and federal government processes when advocating for protection and management of the Study Area, and other traditionally significant sites in and around the Trinidad Area.  It is important to us to maintain public access while promoting protection and preservation for future generations to enjoy. 


tsuari village

The Tsurai Village has been in existence since time immemorial.  Located on the northern coast of California, in Humboldt County, the Tsurai enjoyed an elegant lifestyle until European contact by way of Spanish explorers in 1775.  The Spanish erected the wooden cross on Tsurewa, and proclaimed the new acquisition for the King of Spain, forever naming the area Trinidad.  Since that time, there have been steady changes to Tsurai.  Some pieces forever lost, while others remain intact and resilient.  The Tsurai people being most resilient piece, and adapting to the times by forming this non-profit to protect the cultural landscape that made up our traditional boundaries. The Tsurai Ancestral Society is made up of documented lineal descendants of the Tsurai village.